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Saturday Simblr Promo: kupari

Just because!


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I bought Rob a dragon egg a while ago.  He got the Green Dragon I was hoping for.  A few days later he had a Red Dragon in his inventory as well.  Now he has a Black Dragon, too.  

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Rob, that outfit. There are simply no words to suit that outfit.

Of the dragons, the green is my fav. Finding treasure and helping garden (still building the gardening skill). It is cool.

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Downunder and daft - replies

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Hubby and I will be travelling down to Sydney to see the newest Cirque du Soleil show. 

While there, I have arranged to see the wonderful treason-and-plot and engrampixels

When we get home, it will be November and time for NaNoWriMo 2014. Writing my annual new novel.

I’ve done some good work in the past couple of months finishing NaNo 2011 - and doing a bit of editing. This month, I’ve been working on NaNo 2012 “The Fallen”. Next month, I start the sequel to “The Fallen”

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Now that is a motivational shirt. I have to win NaNo 2014

Now that is a motivational shirt. I have to win NaNo 2014

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Hello my fellow simmers! Today I bring you a new top for your guys. This is actually a mesh edit, I took the standard tee and lengthened and reshaped it a bit as well as retexturing it a bit to give it a looser collar and more detailed fabric folds. I also love the ombre effect, but I wanted mine to be a bit different, hence the patterns. I really love these, so I hope you do too.

These tees feature:

  • basegame compatibility
  • Non-default standalone item
  • 20 styles, 5 of each design
  • custom swatches
  • available for teen-elder sims
  • found in everyday, athletic, party, and sleep categories

The archive contains the package file and the image of the styles included. Just drop it in your mods folder and it will show up :)


Download: Mediafire | Onedrive


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A TS4 question



How can I start out fresh with an already created sim? (Let’s just say I wanted to start a new game with Claire or Taj without all of her previous relationships and other baggage.)

In TS3, all I had to do was take the sim out of the bin in CAS and I would have a fresh copy. The gallery + library…

TS4 made some things easier and some things trickier. Starting a new save in particular is one of the tricky ones, if you want to keep all of your sims and families intact. I had to go to Manage Worlds and save my sim’s household to my Library, then go BACK into their house, into Build Mode, and at the top of the screen, click on that little house to save the lot to the library.

Or if you want to rip away everything - start a new household and add the Sim you want to start fresh. Now, this one still has skills etc. Create a new Sim and use genetics to make a twin sibling. Keep hitting the twin button until you get an identical Sim.

I ended up doing this for kaleekalo's Owen Kane. I wanted a fresh Owen, not one who had a job, had many skills etc.

Once I had Owen’s twin - dressed and with the right attributes - I deleted the original from the household. Voila, a copy without all the baggage.

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- Sorry Sam, comp is broken. I’ll fix it later, but now - game of chess maybe? 

Poor Miguel has a lot to do for his inmates. At least being social with Sam is making him happier.

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Sam’s plan must be - make friends with the Creator - then she’ll let me be.

Um, no such luck, Sammy. No such luck. They are already friends - they played chess together on day 1.

New game and Rob is still hanging out with Owen. I’m beginning to wonder if this means something…

Ice and Ming hang out in the kitchen while everyone else eats at the table.

The rest of them have breakfast together and several chat nicely together.

Today they travel to the park in Oasis Springs. Sam and Ice hang out. Rob and Owen are fishing. Ming is tending the bar.

A few new rules for this time around

  1. If they have a want related to someone else in the household, they can try.
  2. They have one specific action related to their aspiration per day.
  3. They must have one meal together.
  4. They must sleep at the same time.
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Just behind the new chaos crew home - a river with ducks.

The sun rises on a new day.

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Chaos crew v2

One change in Sims, I took out my Don and put in @altheaquin’s Ice Crisp

One change in personalities. Several of the Sims already had Romantic as one of their traits. Those that did not, do now.

Not going to bother with jobs, I am mainly interested in how relationships can naturally develop (or not). So they have been motherloded so there is no need for work.

Day 1, sent to the park. They spent some time randomly chatting/playing chess/watching others play chess. The other park is actually better, it has bookcases, a bar and a few more things.

Then I sent all of them fishing. Sadly, fishing is not a multitasking opportunity. They did not talk to each other at all here.

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The end of Chaos Crew v1

They spent more time at the bar.

They went home to more broken plumbing and appliances.

After this, I’ve decided to try something similar but not quite the same.

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I surrender. I give up.

What lighting mods are people using for Sims 4?

I am so tired of the interior rooms needing 3 times as many light sources as other Sims games and IT IS STILL TOO DARK!

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NaNoWriMo time approaches

Who’s going to be mad enough this year to attempt a novel?

And how many followers will I have left at the end of November - I always lose a few this time of year.

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Casa De Sol is quite a quaint, yet imposing home built in a Mediterranean style  to fit into Oasis Springs. With its rustic charm and a little bit of zing from the contemporary traditional interior, it fits well in the neighbourhood while standing out for its uniqueness.

Featuring 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open plan main kitchen, kitchenette, art room and alfresco area split across the main home and an annex, Casa De Sol is perfect for a multi-generation family. Built on a 30x40 lot (location can be seen in the map image), it costs $199, 417 and can be found in the gallery under my Origin Id: peacemaker_ic, or the hashtags #PeacemakerIC#SimsationalDesigns, or #CasaDeSol.