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This particular Sam, I don’t consider a clone. Mostly because a) I had no particular idea for the game since he’s really the first Sim I’ve played in Sims 4 and b) there are two things I want to change before Sam is exactly cloned for new saves

The first is the hot headed trait must go. It’s not a good substitute for grouchy - he’s never been unpleasant so often to his family. I know gloomy is equally unlike Sam - he also doesn’t get depressed that often. Athletic he can keep and slob can stay. I haven’t decided on the third trait.

Two - I want to see if I can tweak the profile without disturbing his look too much. That forehead looks weird.

I might tweak the weight/muscle balance while I’m at it. In my mind, Sam has a solid build and is pretty fit overall. He gets too much muscle while still looking a bit tubby in the middle just now.

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Home for the Holidays: Issue #07

Current Chapter: [01] • [02] • [03] • [04] • [05] • [06]

[From the Beginning]

Just realised that over in the official forums, can leave comments at any time! :D

Unlike stupid tumblr that doesn’t like you to leave comments unless you can find it in dash mode. :(

But seriously, Walt is cute. Just a teddy bear.

Wonder if Amy will reappear in RiP again

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I am having a question.

Why are people ashamed of playing the Sims? I just saw that simsconfessions post with the person who does city planning now because they play the game, and they said they could never tell anyone what inspired them to take that job.

Dude. It’s a game. You play it. For fun….

There is this weird idea that some people have that computer games are kids/teens/college stuff. You are supposed to grow out of it, apparently.

But why? I can’t imagine why myself. People of all ages have played games through recorded history. No one would think strangely of you for playing card games or board games.

Seriously, why can you watch tv nearly all the time but not play computer games? I’ve never understood it, but I’ve seen it.

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In this episode of “As the Sims Twirl”

Sam finally meets cami-sim. Rob-sim has the oddest expression.

Another look at Marnie as a teen.

Mason has Keekee’s eyes.

Sam and Keekee go upstairs to keep the kids company while they do their homework.

First episode - Last episode

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Another reply!


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Yes, Sam is in the gallery, twice over even. Feel free to trade the hot headed attribute before you fling him in game - it’s just not the same as the grumpy Sammy that I’m used to.

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the annoyance when you’re trying to watch something and it stops to load every other minute…bleh, takes hour and half to watch an hour long episode…

but for Farscape,I will endure it (even if it means I will get little sleep tonight)

I love Farscape. It was a brilliant series.

I don’t have a download problem - hubby bought me the dvds. All four seasons and the PeaceKeeper Wars.

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omni-plant replied to your photoset “Well, screw you too.. That’s my heir!”

Plot twist!

I kind of hoped that she’d stay dead. This legacy would have been more interesting. Now I don’t know what the f**k I’m doing and I’m getting bored.


Bachelor challenge time?

Play a different family for a bit?

Throw in a random Sim to cause chaos (Sam?) A gold digger after the family fortune?

Kill her again? :P

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"According to this Vegemite can be used to repel drop bears…"`

Yep, believe the aussie, we never lie ;) 

Drop bears are an extreme hazard, you want them well away from you.

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People? There are people making comments?

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Quoth the Raven

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My Dash

No, it’s not the “My Dash is Dead” 

Just a reflection on that the simblr part of my dash has regular posts of

Sims 2 - and seeing people posting shots of the default Sims makes me very nostalgic. For the record, Malcolm Landgraab IV is still my favourite default Sim of all time.

Sims 3 - many people prefer this. With CC the Sims can look incredibly realistic. With all the EPs, there’s certainly plenty to do.

Sims 4 - many posts with the newest incarnation of Sims. It has newness going for it. And some of what you can do is fun. But it will need some EPs to flesh it out, it’s a bit bare boned.

Now which do I want on my dash?


Any of it. Just as long as the players are having fun, it’s all good.

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In this episode of “As the Sims Twirl”

Sam meets Rob Newman at the local bar. He wisely decides not to ask about the bunny slippers.

Sammy arranges his birthday party. He has several friends and people he wants to know better. Two of the guests are Berry Latte and Wyatt Walker.

First episode - Last episode

Yes, best not to ask about the slippers…


You can see Rob made it safely - or as safe as any Sim can be in my games. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

Sam just missed meeting Cami’s simself - she was walking right behind him as he was going home - but he was too tired to talk to anyone.

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Now that Rob has a refrigerator full of gourmet foods, there is no menu option to get leftovers.  You have to “Open” the fridge and scroll the entire list of contents.

I do like the Simcity Cheescake and that you can use it as a birthday or wedding cake.  

I love that your Sim can bake any cake and make it a wedding or birthday cake. Put a topper on it and there it goes.